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Trailer ✓ The Cake King PDF by µ Rosie Chase The Cake King is a short novella, easy to read perfect if you want to spend some hours relaxing with a nice and delightful story.
Rosie Chase did a good job writing this story about Sam and Michael journey They are two likeable characters and I wanted the best for them, I cheered for them to reach their happiness throughout the book The arc of this book was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.
I feel like this should ve been a longer book The book was too short for me to have an emotional connect with the characters Their relationship progressed too quickly for my liking Their relationship had no conflict so everything felt too convenient and too simple They confessed their love a few weeks after knowing each other out of which they were intimate most of the times.
Some moments were cringy af Michael called Samantha s cough vah jay jay cough hot pussy or sweet pussy Gross.
Also, she told him that he is her dream and left the baking contest or whatever because she wanted to meet him Again, after knowing him for a short period of time.
I wanted her to end up with Rei instead of Michael.
5 I wanted of the baking contest and less of the sex The description of the book sounds like the main character will find her true self etc etc This doesn t describe the book at all, there are sex scenes almost every other chapter and the baking contest is just a background to the whole romance The pacing was just all over the place, and transitions from normal scenes to sex scenes were quite inconsistent I liked the descriptions of food and baking I would gladly spend reading pages about that rather than about sex that consisted of for me quite honestly very gross dirty talk Actual quote view spoiler Fuck yes, Sam I m gonna fuck this pussy so fucking hard I wanna come in that sweet, hot pussy even hide spoiler 2 Star sThank you Netgalley and the publisher for giving me a free ARC in exchange for an honest review.
So, I DNF at 50% which is kind of lame considering this is like a 150 page book But the 50% I did read was a STRUGGLE to get through The way The Cake King and Sam talked to each other, using the words nah or my dude was CRINGY However, I was still willing to look past it The story and relationship development, honestly, sucked BIG TIME I wasn t drawn to any of the characters, or the overall story itself It was all surface level stuff that didn t grab my attention in the slightest.
Sam is a baker from nowhere who finds herself in a baking competition hosted by her baking idol Though it feels like a reality show it s far stranger than that The competition has the potential to change her life and her family s small town struggling business If she wins she could be baking a cake for a famous actress s wedding, it could be just the thing to change things for her She s had a hard life and lost a lot and has pretty clear abandonment issues and doesn t really get close to people Which makes things difficult when the other bakers try to befriend her Especially Rei who she wasn t sure what to make of in the beginning Focusing on the competition gets a little challenging when Michael the so called Cake King who is hosting this com

I actually would give this book 4 1 2 stars Not 5 because it was just too shortI didn t want this book to end It grabbed me and I didn t want to stop reading it This is the story of Pink Hair , Sam, who has had a really hard life She has entered into a contest to make the wedding cake for the sister of The Cake King , Michael Why isn t he making his own sister s wedding cake Simple she doesn t want him to Sam is from a small town wher she works at a restaurant called Apple Butter She s had a hard life and one that makes it so that letting her self trust that she is worthy of anything is very hard for her As her relationship with Michael grows without pushing her he earns her trust and this helps her to realize that just because people in the past may not have wanted her doesn t mean that nobody ever will This is a cute, short, story of learning to trust and to love I really I was only going to download a sample I was only going to put this in my TBR queue, but then I read the sample and was hooked Had to have it This book is like a delicious, indulgent feast in itself The romance and raunch is delectable proving that express consent and safe sex can be sexy , the food descriptions make me drool and even the settings are created by the use of yummy treat metaphors.
A quick, easy, scrumptious read that manages to pack in fab new friendships, a touch of mystery, gorgeous locations and a sweet, down to earth hero who just happens to be a billionaire The humour was perfect particularly from Rei and overall, I couldn t help but gobble it all up in a couple of sittings.
Thank you rosiechaseromance Whom I give cre This was such a delightful funny and adorable book to read i ended up buying the two other books halfway into the book, and that is saying something D Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review The Cake King centers on Michael Godwin, the Cake King, who invites bakers to compete to help with his celebrity sister s wedding This was absolutely ridiculous and over the top While mildly entertaining, I felt it lacked depth The language was far too descriptive and seemed to be trying far too hard to sound cool quirky It just ended up making me cringe a lot of the time I wish there had been baking, and less self deprecation on Sam s part And Sam and Michael s relationship was given absolutely no time at all they went straight from not speaking to hot and heavy and in love.
I Ve Always Been Told I Can T Have My Cake And Eat It Too But When Celebrity Baker Michael Godwin Wants A Piece Of Me How Can I Deny Him Sam Davis Has Been Fan Girling Over Michael The Cake King Godwin For Years So, When She Receives A Letter From Godwin Asking Her To Compete In A Private Baking Competition Where The Prize Could Pull Her And Her Adoptive Family Out Of Poverty, How Can She Say No There S Just One Problem Sam Is An Amateur Baker From A No Name Restaurant In A Tiny Town Nobody S Ever Heard Of How Is She Supposed To Hold Her Own Against Some Of The Country S Best Up And Coming Pastry Chefs She Ll Have To Dig Deep And Discover What She S Really Made Of If She Wants To Win Because The Prize Here Isn T Just First Place It S The Cake King S HeartThis RomCom Is A Silly But Very Sexy Take On Baking Competitions, Billionaire Romance, And Sugary Sweet Happy Endings Full Of Bawdy Jokes And Brilliant Besties Baking Their Way To A Happily Ever After, Each Of The Sugar And Spice Novellas Are Meant To Be Devoured In A Couple Of Hours And Taking Place Over The Same Two Weeks They Can Be read In Any Order

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