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ð The Last Vampire (Dark Season, #1) Ö Download by Ò Amy Cross Rescued From Certain Death, Sophie Hart Finds Herself Drawn Into The Underground World Of Patrick, A Silent Vampire Who Also Happens To Be The Last Of His KindIn Volume Of The Dark Season Series, Sophie Encounters Patrick For The First Time But While She Finds Herself Drawn To Him, She Also Meets A Man Who Has Been Chronicling The Vampires For Many Years, And Who Has A Stark Warning About Getting Too InvolvedDark Season Is A Series Of Novellas, Each Approximately , Words Each Book Is A Complete Standalone Story, Knowledge Of The Other books Is Not Essential This Book Contains Some Sexual Situations Honestly I didn t enjoy this book at all and the only reason I read the full book was because I paid for it.
For me the book had no storyline and I didn t like the fact that Patrick didnt talk throughout the whole story There was no intrigue and nothing to keep the readers in suspense and the ending was no better in my opinion.
I would also like to say that I am not being nasty on this review just in case people take it the wrong way, I am simply giving my opinion.
A shifting POV first person narrative of a pointless girl attracted to a ridiculously attractive vampire who can t talk much to his credit Thankfully only a short novella that requires no time and should not be given any.
Okay, i wrote this review prior to finishing the last 20 pages Now that i am done, i can safely say this was one of the most poorly written and ridiculous series I have ever read Don t waste your time I plowed through the series, hoping it would get better but alas, it just got worse The story concept had potential, but unfortunately it never found its way into a plot that made any sense The Main character, Patrick, the last vampire, is mute for some weird reason a vow or something inconsequential Perhaps it just saved the author from having to come up with dialog He is flat and uninteresting He does things for some unfathomable reasons, but mostly to fulfill a prophecy that has not point at all It serves to remove self will from all the characters They can t fight the pro I liked The Last Vampire I m still getting to know the characters, so I ll how it goes I like Vincent and Patrick, there s something about them Sophie in the other hand was looking for trouble if you ask me She was attacked, nearly killed but the next day she goes out walking by herself out into the woods Girl, that is dangerous Especially if you know there s vampires out there too Other than that craziness, it was a good start to a series.
Horrible I don t remember if I paid for this or not, but I m hoping it was a free book It took me about an hour to read what the crap is that about, that s not a book, but an article I did not feel anything for the fully under developed charachters, and the author likes to use the word realize and spell it realise That word is on every single page at least once Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad writing.
This series started fairly well but by the half way point the story line went no where fast There isn t much of a story line and what was there really didn t make much sense Werewolves were introduced for a chapter but they really had nothing to do with the story line and there wasn t anything special or unique about Sophie and why she was the one that was so important to the prophecy I wouldn t recommend this book.
This was an easy, quick read, but predictable The only difference with this and the other vamp novels out there, is this vampire didn t talk.
I liked the way it went from her P.
V to his.
I m glad I read it But there was nothing to keep my interest This doesn t mean I won t read something else by this author.
This is a free e book at Smashwords, BN.
Dark Season The Last Vampire by Amy Cross Book 1I read that these books are stand alone books but if you like series then you will want to know what happens It definitely ends with you not knowing what happens next.
Sophie Hart is attacked one night while walking home She is brutally beaten when suddenly her attackers are the ones being hurt and she is then carried away She finds herself underground and learns that vampires exist, although later on she begins to question her sanity until she meets Patrick once again, the last living vampire.
Dexter Logan, a newspaper man, warns Sophie by telling her of two girls who disappeared in 1959 She finds in the article that one girl had been drained of all her blood Sophie is torn between what Dexter told her and what she believes in her It s okay I disliked how Sophie lacked character development and some of the things she does seems very out of character for how she s portrayed It s okay for a short story but the text is a little confusing but I ll keep reading the series.

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