Download Epub Format  The Longest Silence (Shades of Death #4) PDF by ¾ Debra Webb

Download Epub Format  The Longest Silence (Shades of Death #4) PDF by ¾ Debra Webb I don t know what I can say about this book that others haven t already said Debra Webb is a MASTER at her craft Once again she has created a heart stopping, clock ticking, page turner that will grab you from the start and hold on to you to the very end Dark, complex and totally compelling, the story Debra weaves around you as you read will have you at the edge of your seat As usual, Debra brings her story to life with thoroughly developed characters that know the darkness and madness that can inhabit the mind of a serial killerWell done Debra Anthony LeDoux is a familiar character to those who have been following Debra Webb s Shades of Death series Here, he s a pale and rather pathetic version of his uptight self in the previous 3 books a jobless alcoholic after the breakdown of his marriage and an emblem, so to speak, of an FBI hero who, because of his hubris, has fallen far and in sore need of redemption The latest case that involves his missing niece might just offer him that, but not before he encounters a survivor of a long ago crime that bears a chilling similarity to this case The Longest Silence sits in the suspense thriller genre than in the romantic suspense one LeDoux and Jo s relationship is superficial and one that s established because of a common motive they have in wanting to solve the mystery Their hookup is made out to be a meaningless one from the start and thereafter, not entirely mentioned again The Twists And Turns In This Dark, Taut Drama Make It Both Creepy And Compelling New York Times Bestselling Author Steve Berry A Killer Stole Her Voice Now She S Ready To Take It Back Don T Miss The Chilling Shades Of Death Series From USA TODAY Bestselling Author Debra Webb Joanna Guthrie Was Free She Had Been For Eighteen Years Or So She Needed Everyone To Believe What Really Happened During The Longest Fourteen Days Of Her Life, When She And Two Other Women Were Held Captive By A Dangerous Serial Killer, Wasn T Something She Could Talk About Not After What They Had To Do To Survive But When Women Go Missing In An Eerily Similar Manner, Jo Knows Her Prolonged Silence Will Only Seal Their Fates She S Finally Ready To Talk She Just Needs Someone To Listen FBI Special Agent Tony LeDoux Can T Deny He Finds Jo Compelling He S Just Not Sure He Believes Her Story But With The Clock Ticking, Jo Will Do Anything To Convince Him, Even If It Means Unearthing Long Buried Secrets That Will Land Them Squarely In The Crosshairs Of The Killer This is the fourth in a series but I jumped in here and had no problem reading this as a standalone It wastes no time and jumps straight into the action, I found it to be a true page turner so I m sure this made it easier for me to catch on rather quickly Tony is an ex FBI agent who s niece goes missing and Joanna is a woman who was abducted years ago and her case is freakishly similar to the current one This was one of those reads with way questions than answers and things are revealed slowly and steadily, a method which always reels me in.
I enjoyed both of the lead characters, Tony is a likable mess with good intentions and Jo is a broken woman with a seriously messed up past, I found her to be well drawn and unpredictable which always keeps me on my toes The cas I ve read everything Ms Webb has published and I ve never read a book by her that I didn t enjoy This one is no exception.
The LONGEST SILENCE is the latest installment to the SHADES OF DEATH Series and it doesn t disappoint A taunt thriller that will keep you riveted until the end and will keep you thinking about it, long after the final page has been turned In my estimation, this is the epitome of a great read If you re like me and love a well written, captivating read, then this is the book for you.
I ve always said that Debra Webb is the QUEEN of Suspense and this story doesn t prove me wrong A five star read for me and I highly recommend it Debra Webb is my go to for creepy suspense, serial killer novels Her latest, The Longest Silence is no exception While it is part of the Shades of Death world, the focus is Special Agent Anthony LeDoux He was always one of those characters you loved to hate until you saw the real him and fell completely in love with him, bad decisions and all It is nice to see him recover his hero status and move forward This is a hallmark Webb novel with twists and turns you never see coming You will want to keep reading once you start, but leave the lights on.
I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this novel.
FBI Agent Tony LeDoux has been spiraling downward for a while now, fighting his demons through a bottle When his niece goes missing, it sets him on a path that he either must clean up his act or fall down Fortunately, he teams up with another tormented soul, Joanne Guthrie, who happened to have endured a kidnapping filled with torture for 14 days, 18 years previously A good read, a bit slow at times, but still captivating.
4 stars and 2 thumbs up

For me this book had a different pace than the other books in The Shades of Death series Also while Nick Bobbi made a brief appearance, this book featured Tony LeDoux This Special Agent paid a very high price for his obsession with a serial killer, and because of it he lost so very much As usual, great plot with twists I never saw coming I wasn t to sure about Jo but by the end I was all in and cheering for her as well as Tony He needed a win, and finding his niece Tiffany alive would go a long way Past and present collide for Jo, and she finally makes the choice to end the secrets And I really enjoyed the brief visit with Nick Bobbi too Debra Webb has another winner Favorite Quotes Sharing the news of his divorce with his sister had been relatively easy, the career crash and burn, however, was a whole different ball game He didn t want to see the disappointment in her eyes She d always looked at him as if he was a hero, starting the day he d kicked nine year old Lacon Turner s butt for putting gum in her hair.
Shoulder length hair badly in need of a wash A few curly hairs that looked like they belonged somewhere in the vicinity of his balls sprouted from his chin Tony felt reasonably confident the tight, ripped jeans were cutting off the blood supply to his upper body and, important, his brain.
The world we were snatched from no longer exists There is only this place, this moment and our fears.
The darkness t 4.
5 StarsJo Guthrie was abducted and held for 14 days by a savage serial killer 18 years ago Two other women were held with her one of them did not survive She s never spoken fully about what they endured in order to stay alive.
FBI Agent Tony LeDoux isn t really an agent any Once upon a time he was the FBI s golden boy But a particularly gruesome case left him with nightmares that only alcohol could prevent In turn, that cost him his wife and his job.
His niece is missing and has been for several days Troubling as well is the fact that another college girl has gone missing Jo knows what has happened to them Now she needs someone to listen someone like LeDoux But will he As they start an investigation independent of the local law enforcement, they find links to the girls disappearance now and of those 18 years ago Unfortunatel

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