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[ Pdf Torch Þ sword-and-planet PDF ] by Cheryl Strayed Þ i m kind of moved to see so many people review this now that cheryl strayed has finally told us she is sugar of the rumpus she came out on valentine s day, 2012 sugar is so much loved, so much justly loved, that her readers are flocking to her books and her articles to read by her.
if you have followed sugar s advice columns and they are NOT ordinary advice columns they are masterpieces of wisdom, wit, beauty, and life this book won t entirely surprise you it belongs with the same philosophy of hard knocks sugar embraces though she s also much in her columns sugar is much warmer and positive than she is here, but this was written some time ago, and this is her life, and she is entitled to as much bitterness as she wants to put on the page there is this 2002 article in The Sun Magazine that covers the same emotional and historical territory cheryl strayed covers here i s Sometimes a book becomes than a bookfor me, usually it is a book of poetry, or a poem in particular, something to hang on to when things are not going well You know those days weeks God help you if it s months, when things just falling badly like dominos, one falling brick after another, until you are wondering if there is an ancient gypsy curse on your family or what This has been my March A friend had recommended awhile ago that I read an essay in The Sun by Cheryl Strayed which led to me getting her book, this book From the opening line She ached I was drawn in to the lives of these characters, vibrating with so much life that at the book s close, I feel I know them, that I will refer to them in my memory as people I have cared for I am a very speedy reader when I want to be, but I delayed this book, held its pages at bay, to help me walk

It s not often that I don t finish a book I fell in love with Cheryl Strayed after reading Wild and Dear Sugar, so I was looking forward to consuming everything I could get my hands on It s clear, though, that Torch isn t what made her for a reason There is nothing wrong with the book, it just isn t very compelling After reading the other books and being familiar with Strayed s story, I can t help but think of this as of a therapeutic writing project for her to explore her feelings about her mother s death than a story that we are all to share Maybe if I had never read the other books, maybe if I didn t know it was the same author, maybe then I would like it But for now, I m admitting defeat and putting this one down.
I confess that when I first picked up this book, I had no intention of bringing it home with me Who wants to read about death and its terrible aftermath loss, grief, anger As it turns out I did.
From the very first sentence, I was hooked I read the second sentence, and third and fourth, until I realized that I would rather be reading it at home than standing in an aisle As soon as I got home I opened the book and read it non stop for two days I devoured every single word.
What is amazing about this book is the way you are drawn into the lives of the characters They were entirely convincing, to the point where I could not imagine they were not real Their conversations, thoughts, actions were so natural I felt I knew them Maybe I do know them, because all of the characters in this novel are us in all of our emotional complexity Whatever I picked up Torch from the library because I loved loved loved Wild, Cheryl Strayed s memoir of her trek along the Pacific Coast Trail I identified with her I liked her style, I liked her writing, and I loved her story When I found out that she d published a work of fiction some seven years ago, I couldn t resist I might should have resisted.
It s not so much that this is a bad book, but this is a very thinly veiled memoir of what actually happened to Strayed, much of which you will already know if you ve read Wild previously So, I knew the story, but not all the details I decided to persevere with the book anyway, because I had faith in Strayed s storytelling ability I knew the book would be sad I knew it would make me cry I didn t know it would also make me angry I actually threw the b I always think of Anne Carson s preface to Euripides when I think about grief Why does tragedy exist Because you are full of rage Why are you full of rage Because you are full of grief This kept coming up for me throughout Torch I found myself watching the writing and reading the book as though a close friend had written it the writing felt very familiar, as though I read it weekly, as though I stamped some particular turns of phrase into my memory and it reminded me that if I start writing again I have to become each one of my characters in order for them to be human I think the best kind of reader and the best kind of writing allow for a two way mirror More than anything, this reminded me of that.
In the end, what I will keep with me is the relationship between Joshua and Claire When I closed the book, I got that deep me too feeling and knew I am another newcomer to Cheryl Strayed via the Dear Sugar column This was my first real CS book, and I knew going in that it was her first novel, and very autobiographical On the one hand, this is a really dark, harrowing, moving, emotional book It s about a mother who dies of cancer at 38 and how her family falls apart and does horrible things to each other in the aftermath, and how they start to rebuild their lives and relationships afterwards A funny fast paced romp, great for the beach, this book is most assuredly not On the other hand the writing is tremendous From the pacing, to the structure multiple 3rd person points of view , to the very real and very complicated characters, to individual sentences, this book is just beautifully crafted As a writer, I want to sit down with this book and a pencil and deconstruct how it was put toget I m really unsure why this book has gotten so many good reviews There was nothing endearing or redeeming about it I understand flawed characters, but there was nothing remotely likable about any of them, including their relationships with each other If it is a story about a mother s love and her legacy to her children, then it was a poor example If it is a book about coping, and stages of grief, then it is also a poor example Each character deals in the exact same way with sex And there is no true emotion or motivation connecting me with any of their plights I had to force myself to finish this book and see if the end justified the means, but it continued to disappoint and disgust all the way to the end Save your money and read Slammed instead It depicts a simil In Her Debut Novel, Torch, Bestselling Author Cheryl Strayed Weaves A Searing And Luminous Tale Of A Family S Grief After Unexpected Loss Work Hard Do Good Be Incredible Is The Advice Teresa Rae Wood Shares With The Listeners Of Her Local Radio Show, Modern Pioneers, And The Advice She Strives To Live By Every Day She Has Fled A Bad Marriage And Rebuilt A Life With Her Children, Claire And Joshua, And Their Caring Stepfather, Bruce Their Love For Each Other Binds Them As A Family Through The Daily Struggles Of Making Ends Meet But When They Received Unexpected News That Teresa, Only , Is Dying Of Cancer, Their Lives All Begin To Unravel And Drift Apart Strayed S Intimate Portraits Of These Fully Human Characters In A Time Of Crisis Show The Varying Truths Of Grief, Forgiveness, And The Beautiful Terrors Of Learning How To Keep Living I purchased the book simply because it was by the author of the memoir Wild When I started reading the novel, I had to check the cover a couple times to see if I had put down Torch and accidentally picked up Wild instead The thought that went through my head at several points in the beginning sections of the book was, If you copy from yourself, is it still plagiarism At one point and entire long paragraph was an exact copy of a paragraph in Wild Perhaps it wouldn t have irritated me so much were it not that the paragraph had a rather trite metaphor one hard enough to put up with once let alone come across again in a different book Now I understood why the author had felt the need to add a preface to this later printing of the novel a disclaimer that the novel was not autobiographical sure started that way though.
Actually, as the book went on it got better The story did event

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