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[ Pdf Trace Á romania PDF ] by Simone Muench ↠´ There are some missteps here, but not many The fact that she could put together an entire coherent chapbook using lines from the work of a myriad of authors is impressive Worth reading Muench is a smart writer with a love of the language Recommended.
These Poems Refigure Both The Wolf And The Cento As They Interrogate The Possibilities, Limits, And Interplay Of Language, The Human Animal, And Poetic Homage Trace Looks Fiercely Into The Darkness To Achieve IlluminationSimone Muench Received Her PhD From The University Of Illinois And Teaches At Lewis University She Lives In Illinois I like the idea of the cento I like the idea of a series of centos As it turns out, though, this collection, for me, felt too enmeshed in the idea, the form never enabling the poems to generate emotion from poem to poem In the end I was left cold.

At the spinning wheelThe cover of this little treasure of a book sets a mood of wonderment the art is titled The Scribe and is by Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison and the mystical combination of a hand connected to what appears of be medical contraptions allowing the hand to Trace a line in blood in the snow makes visual some of the intangible references between man and nature and language in the poetry of Simone Muench.
Collectively called Wolf Centos it is important to understand the definition of cento a cento is a poetical work wholly composed of verses or passages taken from other authors only disposed in a new form or order What Simone Muench has achieved in these 26 poems is usurp fragments of famous poets works It s hard for me to know how to review a book of centos As I responded to many individual lines, I was also aware that those lines were written by other poets But the sheer knowledge needed to gather these lines, and the skill involved in assembling them in a meaningful way to create a new, larger work, is so impressive These poems moved me on a visceral level and I read most of them multiple times.

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