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õ Trust & Treachery ☆ Download by ✓ Day Al-Mohamed This Anthology Contains Some Extraordinary Stories That Will Linger In Your Mind Long After You Close The Book S Cover The Contributors To This Anthology Explore The Delicate Dance Between Trust And Treachery Across A Sweeping Variety Of Genres, Time Periods, And Universes What Happens When You Re Betrayed By The Person You Should Be Able To Trust Above All Others The One You Love Maybe Even The One Who Has Promised To Love, Honor, And Cherish You Or Even The Person Who Gave You Life What Happens When You Re Betrayed By The Supposedly Benevolent Institutions That Are Supposed To Protect You Your Government Your Ruler Your God What If It S Your Own Mind That You Can No Longer Trust read On And Find Out Bestselling Author Donna Andrews, Winner Of The Agatha, Anthony, Lefty, And Other Awards This Anthology Contains Stories And Poems, By Edoardo Albert, Marian Allen, David Bancroft, DG Bracey, Beth Cato, Michaux Dempster, Kris Dikeman, John Floyd, Edward Folger, Kelly Horn, Eric Howald, Ann Kopchik, Thomas Livingston, Kate Marshall, Demetrios Matsakis, J R McRae, Mark Mills, Al Nash, Patrick O Neill, Stephen Pohl, Bruce Pratt, Joyce Reynolds Ward, James Daniel Ross, Jonathan Shipley, Richard Smith, Ray Succre, Charles Terhune, Calie Voorhis Thank you to the publishers for providing this ebook in exchange for an honest review This did not alter my review in any way.
Trust and Treachery is an anthology of short stories, showing some of the best and worst of human nature Stories of betrayal and mislaid trust abound in this collection that spans across a variety of authors, genres and worlds One moment you are reading about intergalactic space travel between planets and the relations between their inhabitants, the next the double life of a travelling salesman This book has got it all, providing something for everyone But individually, it will probably only have a little for you.
Diverse books are great But the problem with having such diversity in one anthology means that not every story will have an appeal I stopped read

My contemporary fantasy short story, Missing Persons, is included in this anthology.
Not a review Includes my story Sanctified Ground.

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