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Ö Read ✓ United by Cory Booker ã In his book Cory Booker recounts stories and the lessons he learned from people who have inspired him during his life He went to Stanford University where he played football and majored in political science He was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship and studied sociology at Oxford On returning to the United States he entered Yale Law School.
Booker begins his stories with the non profit work he did with the poor while in Yale Law School Upon graduation he went to work with a non profit in a poor section of Newark Over time he realized he could do as an elected official so ran for City Council and won As time went on he became the Mayor of Newark and currently is the Senator from New Jersey He is the first black Senator from New Jersey.
The key item Booker emphases throughout the book is the need to work together across party, social and racial lines in o is it so wrong that I want to have his babies cory, marry me, my boo.
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER A Passionate New Voice In American Politics, United States Senator Cory Booker Makes The Case That The Virtues Of Empathy, Responsibility, And Action Must Guide Our Nation Toward A Brighter Future Raised In Northern New Jersey, Cory Booker Went To Stanford University On A Football Scholarship, Accepted A Rhodes Scholarship To Oxford University, Then Studied At Yale Law School Graduating From Yale, His Options Were Limitless He Chose Public Service He Chose To Move To A Rough Neighborhood In Newark, New Jersey, Where He Worked As A Tenants Rights Lawyer Before Winning A Seat On The City Council In , He Was Elected Mayor, And For Than Seven Years He Was The Public Face Of An American City That Had Gone Decades With Too Little Positive National Attention And Investment In , Booker Became The First African American Elected To Represent New Jersey In The US Senate In United, Cory Booker Draws On Personal Experience To Issue A Stirring Call To Reorient Our Nation And Our Politics Around The Principles Of Compassion And Solidarity He Speaks Of Rising Above Despair To Engage With Hope, Pursuing Our Shared Mission, And Embracing Our Common Destiny Here Is His Account Of His Own Political Education, The Moments Some Entertaining, Some Heartbreaking, All Of Them Enlightening That Have Shaped His Civic Vision Here Are The Lessons Booker Learned From The Remarkable People Who Inspired Him To Serve, Men And Women Whose Example Fueled His Desire To Create Opportunities For Others Here Also Are His Observations On The Issues He Cares About Most Deeply, From Race And Crime And The Crisis Of Mass Incarceration To Economic And Environmental Justice Hope Is The Active Conviction That Despair Will Never Have The Last Word, Booker Writes In This Galvanizing Book In A World Where We Too Easily Lose Touch With Our Neighbors, He Argues, We Must Remember That We All Rise Or Fall Together And That We Must Move Beyond Mere Tolerance For One Another Toward A Deeper Connection LovePraise For United An Exceedingly Good Book, And An Important Book, And A Reminder Of What Makes Booker An Important And, Through It All, A Promising Public Figure PolitickerNJ What Sets Senator Booker S Work Apart From That Of Similar Political books Is That It Seeks To Elevate Discourse Rather Than Bring Down Opponents Of The Opposite Partisan Persuasion This Is A Refreshing Take, One That Is Truly Worthy Of Study And Contemplation The Huffington Post From The Hardcover Edition I ve been a fan of Cory Booker for many years and was excited to listen to this audiobook in his own voice Mr Booker is such inspiration and breath of fresh air in politics and I can only hope he will be our President in the future.
This wasn t just a book, or a story about a politician I just read a book that was about normal people, about us I was inspired and moved by it and I recommend you to read it too But again, it wasn t just a book, it was than that Stephen Covey has written about a principle centered way of living, meaning a valuebased approach to everyday life For me that is about trying your best everyday to be a little bit better than the day before You may think this sounds idealistic And it does Idealism isn t about changing the world, but about improving the every day life around you Step by step Start with the small things, start with your circle of influence.
I remember one Sunday morning in the park during my college years I walked in the park, brought a book and food and drinks I wanted some quite time and I saw a couple of families with children wishing for the same Some jo I don t know that I ve ever read a political memoir that s honest and inspiring than this one Each chapter is a short story that reflects an overall lesson from Booker s life and career I was particularly fascinated by the story about the IHOP waitress and how it reflected the impact of community violence and low minimum wage on families I was also unaware of the incredible sacrifices Booker made to start his political career in a way that ensured he understood the values of his constituents and lived his faith I would definitely recommend this, not just to my politically minded friends.
Such an inspiration If you are discouraged by politics right now this will help you still believe

I m a big Cory Booker fan and had no idea what he faced while running for office Sharpe James is shaaady Watch Street Fight on Netflix, which gets into it much This isn t a typical autobiography Booker shares a little about his background and how and why he wanted to get involved, but it s about the people and the issues.
United is less a book and the kindest, most generous, heart felt thank you letter to everyone who ever touched Mr Booker s life His story is humble, filled with hope and truly inspiring.
This was the perfect book for me to read at the end of 2016, when it seemed that the majority of the news was bleak, at best At the same time, it will also be the perfect book for me to introduce to my HS seniors at the beginning of 2017 I absolutely love being able to introduce a real life hero to these malleable minds.
What a GREAT read Cory Booker is a great guy with an even amazing story I had no idea who he was before this book but now i feel like he s truly one of the good people in politics actually trying to make a difference This got 5 easy stars I d give it if i could The book goes through his life from a kid to a U.
S Senator Amazing stories were told and to be honest i can t wait to hear them again A must read

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