Download Epub Format Ä Vasilisa the Beautiful PDF by ↠´ Anna Morgunova

Download Epub Format Ä Vasilisa the Beautiful PDF by ↠´ Anna Morgunova Winner Of Th Annual Wilde Awards, Picture books, Ages To A Modern Retelling Of A Classic Folk Tale Brought To Life Through Vivid, Rich Artwork When Vasilisa S Mother Dies, She Leaves Behind A Magical Doll To Look After Vasilisa In Times Of Distress And Distress Is Close At Hand When Vasilisa S Father Remarries, And Her New Stepmother And Stepsisters Send Her On An Errand To The Terrifying Witch Baba Yaga, Who Has An Appetite For Anything That Enters The Deep, Dark Forest But With Her Fearlessness And Her Magical Doll, Vasilisa Not Only Passes Baba Yaga S Arduous Tests, But She Also Obtains The Magic She Needs To Free Herself From A Life Of Servitude This Enchanting Retelling Of A Classic Russian Folk Tale Is Brought To Spectacular Life By Anna Morgunova S Breathtaking Art This is a beautifully illustrated children s book recounting a Russian fairy tale very similar to the Cinderella fairy tale in a straightforward, easy to understand manner What makes the book special are the illustrations by Ms Morgunova, which somehow remind me of being blanketed in deep sleep under a layer of snow although the person is simultaneously floating in the stars, amid time and space and nature at every season The illustrations reminded me of Klimt, Arp, and also, the schematic artwork of Blackfoot tribes maybe the references to archetypal forms seem to hearken back to a mythic past that is universal in its themes I loved the subtle, muted color schemes in the paintings sometimes monochromatic with just a pop of color such as the doll, dressed in red It s stories like these that seem to speak to universal anxieties of growing up, that transcend specific cultures The fe Another variation on the classic Russian fairy tale of the lovely child and her magical doll.
Wonderful story

The illustrations in this edition were exceptionally beautiful and added a lot to this folk tale.
I liked this one way than the other The writing style was appropriate for this book, the layout was nice, the art super beautiful The story was a bit fleshed out and I liked the ending better The depiction of Baba Yaga was different but I liked that she had some kind of compassion here.

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