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Trailer è Walk Me Home (Silverlake Ranch #1) PDF by Ý Liza Kendall Romancing the Readers Blog can t believe here I am writing my first review of 2020 Where did 2019 go I hope for all of you 2020 will be a great year I get to start out the new year with a new to me author Or maybe part of a new author They write jointly and I m wondering it the Karen Kendall part is an author that I ve read and enjoyed for years but haven t heard much in a bit.
We shall see I m not a huge fan of second chance romance but this sounded so good I had to give it a try I m so glad that I did I really enjoyed the characters I didn t get why everyone seemed so against Charlotte She was young when all this happened and I m glad her friend stayed friends for all that time.
I also didn t get why they blamed Jake He was blamed for something he didn t do and those who really didn t believe or knew that he didn t do wrong still didn I liked this story, but it took a while for me to get in to the characters I loved the back story and the supporting characters, but it tended to be too detailed in certain spots Charlie Nash returns to Silverlake to attend a family wedding Being there brings up a past she has been running from Firefighter Jake Braddock has had a rough go at life Trying to escape his past, then Charlie returns and brings it all back These two are just so gun shy around each other and want so desperately to be loved A really sweet story that pulls at your heart strings.
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Charlie and Jake had been sweethearts back in high school and they had dreamed of getting married one day After a horrible tragedy, everything changed as their world was turned upside down and shook until it fell apart A boiling pot of grief, resentment, misplaced blame, bubbling anger, bitterness and overwhelming guilt brought a swift and unresolved end to their romance.
As fate would have it, after many years had passed, Jake s and Charlie s worlds collided once again Each had agreed to be attendants in an upcoming wedding And, what a wedding that promised to be With over the top preparations and demands from an over achieving Bridezilla, things were bound to go wrong The scenes with the oh so unlovable Bridezilla were very funny I lost count with how many times I truly l This book was received as an ARC from Berkley Publishing Group in exchange for an honest review Opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own.
Walk Me Home by Liza Kendall is the first book in a new series A tragic fire, false accusations, betrayal and a bridezilla for a upcoming wedding What could any book ask for I found this book to be heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time, I laughed at the comments about the bride to be as she turns almost everyone in the town against her I love HEA s and this one fit the bill, I would definitely recommend this book to those that enjoy second chance romances.
5 Stars The start of a new series which means many characters to meet This was also my first Liza Kendall read and I am sure I will be reading A book charged full of emotions, regrets from the past, hurts from the past, unwanted sparks for old flames, to new feelings of moving forward and healing.
Charlie hasn t been back to Silverlake in a long time Her family moved away after the tragic fire that killed her Grandmother She left her heart in Silverlake all those years ago with Jake, sure she has tried to move on but has always been unsuccessful She is working and getting by but not loving what she does in Dallas Could this trip back for her cousins wedding reopen some deep wounds, or could it bring her the peace of moving away from past regrets Jake has managed to make a name for himself in the community of Si Walk Me Home is a tender romance novel that will certainly get you emotional The story follows Charlie Nash and Jake Braddock, high school sweethearts that were torn away by a tragic event After the unfortunate event, Charlie s family casts Jake out and Charlie ends up moving away, leaving Jake in the dust Years later, Charlie comes back into town for a family wedding and she comes face to face with Jake Was their tragic history enough to keep them apart forever, or will their reunion be enough to rekindle their flame Walk Me Home is the first novel of a new series, and after reading the debut book, I can honestly say I am really looking forward to the next installments The story of Charlie and Jake is a sad but sweet one The relationship of Jake and Charlie has many layers to it and it really makes you question w Charlie Nash is coming back to Silverlake, Texas because her cousin is getting marriedto a Bridezilla But dealing with the crazy woman is not the only challenge that she will have to face Silverlake is full of memories for Charlie and for Jake Braddock, her first love who became a firefighter and never left town When Jake s parents died when he was younger, one of his brother took on the role of father figure but with time, all the siblings or less became estranged and Jake spent most of his time with Charlie s family But in high school, tragedy hit and her family blamed him for the fire that destroyed their home and killed Charlie s grandmother The Nashes left town and that was the end of Jake and Charlie s romance But what if it was just the start I didn t mind the slow start to be expected when it s a second chance romance anyway and in this case than ever, since the MC had A Feel Good, Funny Second Chance Romance Proves It S Never Too Late For Love In The Small Texas Ranch Town Of SilverlakeFirefighter Jake Braddock Is Used To Fixing Things, And He S Never Met A Problem He Couldn T Solve Except For His Sweet Ex Girlfriend Charlotte NashCharlie Nash Has Been A Big City Girl Ever Since Her Family Made A Clean Break From Their Small Town, After The Tragedy That Drove A Wedge Between Jake And Her Wealthy Parents She S Never Gotten Over Abandoning Jake And He Hasn T, EitherThen Charlie Returns To Silverlake To Stand As A Bridesmaid Opposite Jake In Her Cousin S Wedding The Event Sparks Awkwardness, Laughter, And Heartbreak As They Dance To The Tune Of The Craziest Bride In The Westand Repair Broken Family BondsCan Their Long Lost Love Find A Second Chance A second chance to right the past The sweet cover grabbed my attention and the family centric, emotional romance had me happily lost in Jake and Charlie s drama filled story Theirs were two families hurting from tragedy Each character had been impacted by the terrible hits that affected them so deeply Ignoring things hadn t worked for anyone and with Charlie back in town this was the moment it couldn t be swept away any With everyone taking sides, this was a battle that losing would only hurt I was struck by so many things with this gentle but feelings packed read It was balanced with humour, romance and a whole lotta drama Each character had been affected differently and each one was going to have their turn at reconciling the past This was Charlie and Jake s turn and it seemed like they d been hurt the most The love they sha

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