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ë Wicked Æ Download by í Sara Shepard The addicting thing about this series is the mystery and unpredictability of it all Who is the mysterious A It wasn t Alison, but now Mona owned up to being A but she fell off a cliff Is it Ian Is it Kate Is it Jason This series is so painful sometimes to read, the way Spencer and Hanna get treated by their families Hanna s dad and stepmom don t listen to Hanna at all The golden child is Hanna s stepsister Kate, who is so evil that if she was my step sister I would have thrown my cleats at her She pretends to befriend Hanna, and when Hanna tries to frame her the innocent act works for the parents and Hanna gets punished and Kate doesn t Spencer s parents don t really care about her They care about her harming their reputation, and even though she tries so hard to be perfect they don t say any praise at all And they re always busy lauding Spencer s sister, ok, so i LOVE these book, as soon as i finish one, i automatically HAVE to know what comes next it s such an obsession, like, i cannot stop thinking about the next book until i have it, so, of course i was very upset once i finally finished this one i can t find ANY info about the next one this one really leads into a sequel, there are so many new and interesting twists like, i SO did not expect ian to get killed and i am insanely curious of who A could possibly be i also am DYING to know what happens with emily and her new boyfriend he sounds like a nice fellow and i m glad he didn t mind that she s bi, but something is bound to go wrong.
Wicked by Sara Shepard Actual Rating 4.
5 5 StarsThis isn t 5 stars, because I m still waiting for that PLL book that just blows me away I do believe it s coming hahahaI loved this instalment in the absolutely addicting PLL series This book was full of creepiness, intense moments, friendships, and not so much friend shipsI loved getting to see of Kate she has a great name and Hanna s relationship, it was so interesting The matter going down with Aria and Xavier was also really interesting, can t wait to see how that goes down in the books to come I feel like this book didn t have much of Emily in it, which I enjoyed, because i think she s my least fav character, although the parts she was in, I did still enjoy.
Spencer was great, as us 3.
5 stars spoilers for the previous books in this series.
This series has always created mixed feelings for me, and rightly so It s a thriller but at the same time its pitched for its entertainment value and that really is its best feature I never know what to expect going into this books something simply amusing or something with a but chill factor Wicked was the first book that I can happily say that managed to create a perfect blend of those two elements The book started off a little slow and with an almost hesitant tone But I understood that the readers were heading into uncharted territories and the author had to carefully set everything up for the new disasters about to fall the girls but not hint at anything too much after we thought that everything was practically Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadToo.
comIan Thomas is in jail awaiting trial and the girls are able to relax and return to their lives Or can they Just when the reader thought that the mystery of A has been solved at the end of UNBELIEVABLE, bizarre events await the girls of Rosewood Hanna, Spencer, Emily, and Aria slowly try to settle back into their normal lives Hanna is working through the trauma of learning that her best friend tried to kill her She tries to live with her soon to be step sister, Kate, and build up new friendships at school Spencer is dealing with the cold shoulder she is receiving from her family And through her grandmother s will, Spencer has just learned that she might be adopted Aria has ventured to

This series is so good The books get better every time Stay tuned for reviews Ok, so everything we ve read in the first 4 books has been alive and what we thought we knew is all wrong Ali s killer is still out there A is not who everyone thought it was And Emily isn t gay kindamaybe Welcome to Rosewood where everything is a lie.
Sigh These girls man Honestly, they bring all of it on themselves Also, is there any other memory of Ali these girls have For being such good friends, these books only seem to talk about the sleepover where she disappeared and this stupid find the flag game at their school And we get this stupid game description every single book, multiple times from multiple POV s and for multiple pages NO ONE CARES ANYMORE Again, why were these girls friends with this horrible child Anyway, the girls Spencer dealing with the fall out of having cheated on her English paper and also the bombshell that she may b okay im just going to go over what s happened so far, so MAJOR SPOILER ALERT okay, here goes 1.
mona was a i mean, no offense to her, but hannah has really got to start picking a better bff its like, come on, how can you NOT know that your best friend hated you the bad thing is, now hannah is convinced that everyone is part of this big A conspiracy 2.
aria, aria, aria flirting with a weirdo that turns out to be your moms boyfriend and then kissing him repeatedly that girl has some problems3.
well, spencer finally told the truth about the golden orchid the bad news is, now everyone hates her her teachers, her parents, her dead grandma though that s another story 4 i think that things are the best for emily most people have forgiven her for being gay, she gets a great new boyfriend, and she is finally starting to move on5 this one is strange did ian actually kill ali i dont thi Somehow, it continues There s another A We still don t know who killed Alison It s almost as though the previous four books were a total waste of time And Cycle Two begins.
In the flashback prologue we are re introduced to every single Rosewood Day student whose name has ever been mentioned in the books, all of whom are entranced by some nonsensical annual treasure hunt time capsule thing the magnitude of which, Shepard assures me, does not need explaining All I learn from this is that the whole of the school grounds must be full of buried flags, which no one either currently or in the future could be interested in I suppose the whole matter can serve as a microcosmic representation of Rosewood s attitudes in general though the focus is entire In Idyllic Rosewood, Pennsylvania, Four Very Pretty Girls Just Can T Help But Be Bad Hanna Will Do Anything To Be Rosewood S Queen Bee Spencer S Digging Up Her Family S Secrets Emily Can T Stop Thinking About Her New Boyfriend And Aria Approves A Little Too Strongly Of Her Mom S Taste In MenNow That Ali S Killer Is Finally Behind Bars, The Girls Think They Re Safe But Those Who Forget The Past Are Condemned To Repeat It And They Should Know By Now That I M Always Watching

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