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[Olivia Hayfield] Î Wife After Wife [ethnic-studies PDF] Read Online Î I wanted to read this book because it was modeled after King Henry VIII I was briefly obsessed with learning about this historical figure and his wives but really became when The Tudors, the television show aired back on Showtime All I could picture were the cast of the television show as the characters in this book Which I am not complaining as I have a crush on Jonathan Rhys Meyers So, that helped a lot While I did appreciate the author s modern retelling of this story I felt like it should have just stayed in the present The back and forth from past to present was a bit much and not required in my mind Plus, if this book had been just modern, it would have helped me to separate the past better.
Harry is definitely a womanizer He is the type o Updated review after finishing the book actually this is the third revision Now that I have had time to read the other reviews and read some of the comments and who the comments are from I have to wonder about some of these reviews.
I see that I am in a very tiny minority about how I feel about this book, but I just have to tell the truth as I see it.
I am having such difficulty getting through this book, maybe because I don t know anything about King Henry the VIII except for Anne of a Thousand Days the movie You don t need to know your British History to read this However, this book is a frustrating and disgusting look at a man who can t keep it in his pants and has ruined so many lives and the spineless, he If Philippa Gregory And Jackie Collins Went Out For Cocktails And Wrote A Book, They D Come Back With Wife After Wife A Wickedly Entertaining And Utterly Absorbing Modern Take On The Life And Marriages Of Henry VIIIif He Were A Twenty First Century Womanizing Media Mogul Rather Than The King Of EnglandMaster Of The Universe Harry Rose Is Head Of The Rose Corporation, Number Eighteen On The Forbes Rich List, And Recently Married To Wife Number Six But In , His Perfect World Is About To Come Crashing To The Ground His Business Is In The Spotlight And Not In A Good Way And His Love Life Is Under Scrutiny Because Behind A Glittering Curtain Of Lavish Parties, Gorgeous Homes, And A Media Empire Is A Tale Worthy Of Any Tabloid And Harry Has A Lot To Account For I know I should be making a dent in my 2019 books, but I was so excited to read , and couldn t wait any longer to dive in I try to limit my knowledge of the synopsis of books so I don t spoil things for myself going in, but somehow I thought this book would be suspenseful based on the little blurb I did see However, I was shocked and delighted to discover that it was loosely suspense, and much of a retelling with romance Overall, I loved the retelling aspects of Henry VIII and his many wives, and it was fun to get a modern take on what his life may have been like in today s times I loved how the characters names were creatively similar to the original wives and lovers of Henry, and I also loved the pop culture references through the 80 s, 90 s and now However, it did feel a bit lengthy there at the end, but it made my historical fiction and romantic heart happy while buddy Wife After Wife is a modern retelling based on the life and marriages of Henry VIII.
The book starts with a cast of characters list telling the reader who everybody is supposed to be in this book vs in Henry VIII s life The list with the rest of the cast of characters is at the end of the book I thought that this was a very interesting idea And a good way to help the reader see the connections between the book and the original characters that they are based on.
The book has many 3rd person POVs The main narrator is Harry But every woman in his life narrates certain chapters The story starts in 2018 But then goes back to 1985 and moves forward in time until we reach the present 2018.
The main character of Henry VIII is Harry Rose He is a womanizing media mogul.
The premise of this bo Wife After Wife is a modernized retelling of Henry VIII, and it was such an interesting concept I feel like the story worked well with the updates, and it was an entertaining read It is on the slower side, and felt a little long at times, but it held my interest This book is full of drama, and I loved seeing how everything played out Sometimes it was difficult to spend so much time with Harry because he s very often a misogynistic creeper, and I wish that most of the wives would have been a little developed It was like watching a trainwreck to read about Harry getting involved with each them, and you just couldn t look away I think Wife After Wife would be a really good vacation read, and I had fun reading it Thank you to Berkley Pub for sending me a copy This one will be out on 1 21.
CW miscarriages, infertility, cheating, drug addiction, sui Reviewed for Wit and Sin Wife After Wife is a fresh and imaginative retelling of the story of Henry VIII and his wives I wasn t sure how such an expansive story would work when whittled down to one book, but Olivia Hayfield manages it wonderfully, getting the spirit of the real life inspiration and events right while modernizing the story Spanning from the 1980s to 2018, Wife After Wife is by turns entertaining and tragic.
Whether you know Tudor history or not, this book stands on its own, which is a mark of a good reimagining Harry Rose s journey from wealthy playboy to aging mogul facing the music in the modern area is as breezy and frustrating as the man himself Harry has charm and self esteem to spare, but he also has this irritating ability to absolve himself of any wrongdoing Whether it s cheating o 3.
5 stars Blog Twitter Instagram Review can also be found here at Booked J As always, a copy of this book was provided by the publisher or author in exchange for my honest review This does not effect my opinion in any wayWife After Wife had me at its comparisons to Philippa Greggory and Jackie Collins It helped that I ve been itching for modernized versions of historical figures After last year s YA novelThe Dead Queens Club , another historical re imagining, I ve been craving some fun novels like it I ve been craving that literary equivalent to bubbly wine on sunny days and this is definitely up to the task Think of this novel as The Tudors, with a new stylish flair Consider Wife After Wife your next creative and entertaining, full blown pleasure read This was nothing short of entertainment that left me buzzing w

Divorced Murdered Died Divorced Departed Survived This book was bloody brilliant Olivia Hayfield retells The story of King henry VIII with a modern twist Engaging and entertaining, packed with glitz, glamour, drama, deceit, revenge, grief, passion, and charm The concept of the story was so clever and I loved learning some history in a contemporary setting The story was well researched and Miss Hayfeild inventively brings the story into the 21st century There were also plenty of pop culture and political references sprinkled throughout the book that added even authenticity I found myself frequently heading to Google to find out what had actually happened to Henry and his many wives, and I am just so impressed how creative the storytelling in this book was I am keeping my fingers crossed that Olivia Hayfeild has plans to write stories in the same manner This seriously was suc 3.
75 starsHenry VIII and his many wives, but modernized and given a few memorable twists This was a joy to read as a Tudor era fan, and it had some quirks.
Concept Pacing 1 2Enjoyment Wife After Wife is exactly as it s billed on the ticket Henry VIII is Harry Rose, modern day media mogul, and this is the story of his many wives Now, full disclosure, I love any and all things related to the Tudor time period, include modern retellings So I loved this for the concept alone But, separate from the concept, I thought the author s decision to place a Henry VIII type male character was an interesting one in the context of the MeToo movement.
Harry Rose meets his first wife, Katie Catherine of Aragon when he s barely 20 and she s 25 It s the 1980s, and things are going great Except, that is, for Harry s wandering eye and Katie s fertility issues Then Harry meets Merry Mary Boleyn when

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