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Ø Wilder (The Renegades, #1) Ö Download by · Rebecca Yarros He S Paxton WilderTwenty Two Year Old, Tattooed, Smoking Hot Leader Of The RenegadesFive Time X Games MedalistThe World Is His Playground Especially This Year And For The Next Nine Months I M Stuck As His Tutor On The Study At Sea ProgramHe S Too Busy Staging Worldwide Stunts For His Documentary To Get To ClassBut If I Can T Get Him To Take Academics Seriously, I Ll Lose My Scholarship If I Don T Lose My Heart FirstSix Unlikely Friends On A Nine Month Cruise With The Study At Sea Program Will Learn That Chemistry Is Than A Subject And The Best Lessons Aren T Taught In The Classroom But In The Heart 4.
5 Red Flag StarsReview Vanilla Spice booksLeah has been accepted as a tutor for Paxton Wilder in the study abroad program The location A cruising ship that will take the students to fascinating destinations like Madagascar, Morrocco and, the one Leah is looking forward to most, Mykonos in Greece The catch She has to tutor an X Games gold medalist, Wilder And nomen est omen, right He does the wildest and most dangerous stunts on bikes, parachutes, jumps from cliffs You name it, he does itAre you ready for an adventureLeah doesn t do heights A traumatic experience has cured her from everything that sounds remotely like danger Unfortunately Wilder promises exactly that On top of it, her success at school is tied to his and he doesn t seem to take it seriously Too bad he is deliciously hot and almost makes her forget about studying But with Wilder 5 You re my everything starsOMG I LOVED THIS BOOK IT WAS SOOOO AWESOME Steamy, adventurous, sexy, emotional, unique, full of suspense You can pick one word from above and you will find it in this book I think that this series will be my new obsession And I need the next book ASAPThe best part isn t the end It s what happens in betweenTo be honest, i was flirting for very long time with Rebecca Yarros s seriesFlight and Glory, but i haven t take the time to read them yet So when i saw her name on NetGalley with a brand new series, i jumped in the opportunity And yep, it was worth it I fell in love with the story and the characters from the first chapter and i just couldn t put down my kindle Even i felt sadness when i arrived at the last page I wanted and and The story was setting on college, but the difference in here was that the college wasn t Title WilderSeries Renegades 1Author Rebecca Yarros Release date September 19, 2016Cliffhanger NoHEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler This book was one wild ride From the first moment Paxton enters the story you re taken on an unpredictable journey that includes death defying stunts, romantic mini vacations, and some very hot moments I really liked Leah s character and how brave she was She wasn t crazy like Paxton was and didn t do all these stunts that he did, but she faced her fears and didn t back down She had the help from Paxton, of course, but the courage it took to go out of her comfort zone was all hers and really admirable Paxton was, obviously, a very nice character and made this book lickable His craziness was addicting and I loved reading about the things he would do without even a second thought But even amazing was how dedicated he was to his sports and friends He was just overall an amazing character,Bottom line, this book was a winner I already can t w 5 You had me from the first moment Stars Rebecca Yarros starts her new The Renegades series in outstanding form I couldn t put this book down, and I pretty much fell in love with every character that you are introduced to, Renegades specifically.
There is a little amount of set up going on in Wilder you are introduced to the Renegades team and their hangers on as a whole, and their particular brand of crazy that comes in the form of adrenaline fueled stunts, tricks and high jinx Each member of the team has their own particular skill set, as well as their own set of personal demons that they are battling with I ve never been a relationship guy but I m ready to take that risk Paxton Wilder, will have your thong elastic twanging from the first page, It had been a long time since I ve read a Rebecca Yarros book and Wilder has been on my to read list for a long time This book was fabulous I loved everything about it Wilder was sexy, emotional, adventurous and unique There were many things I never expected to happen or to be revealed Wilder will be one of my top favorite books of 2019.
I loved Paxton and Leah Paxton is wild, talented, ambitious, famous and loyal He always wants to do something big and crazy for his show, but he s amazing at it He loves what he does Leah is smart, hardworking, kind hearted and a little lonely She studies and works hard to get the job she always wanted Leah has fears and she isn t as wild as Paxton, but he makes her do things she 3.
75 I did it for Nova StarsNot gonna lie I wasn t very excited to read this one, but a little birdie told me that this book had to be read in order to get background info, prior to starting book 2 Nova I m talking bout you, TheresaDK And since I really, really want to read book 2, I took her advice, and endured this 630 page journey, to clutch at any snippets of info that would allow me to understand book 2 better I m glad I did read this story, as it was so much better than I anticipated Yes, there were some niggles in the storyline that I wasn t keen on, but it has only served to fuel my need to read book 2 even and I am now dying for answers Told in dual POV, this ends with a HFN straight after conflict resolution, bridging us straight into book 2, and is the first book i 3.
75 STARSAre you ready for an adventureRebecca Yarros starts her new series centered around EXTREME sports, with this new group of characters called The Renegades The story starts with our heroine, Leah Baxter, boarding a ship to tutor Paxton Wilder in a study at sea school This totally reminded me of Sweet life on Deck yet these characters are in their twenties They perform death defying stunts, and well the Sprouse brothers only wished they were written sex scenes like these Once Leah arrives at the Athena, she quickly meets Paxton Wilder and the rest of the Renegades From the get go, she s expected to participate in one hell of a crazy entrance As the Renegades are producing a film, performing stunts, and trying to pass classes during this year long cruise Leah truly surprises herself by facing her fear of heights which she doe When I first started reading this series I skipped this book I went straight to book 2 Nova , and after loving the shit out of that one, I read book 3 Rebel , which was also pretty awesome Now why would I do that, you ask Well because I could PWhat can I sayI am known for my out of order reading PSo when I started this one, I already knew who Wilder and Leah were They play big parts in the other books as well What I didn t know, was how exactly they came to be together Especially, since there were times I really hated Wilder in Nova and didn t understand, how Leah could pick him over her best friendor so it seemed.
Reading this book with his POV helped me understand him a bit and his relationship with Leah Rachel and Landon from Nova are still my fav couple thoughI don t think anything could have changed that And Wild

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