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[ Read Online Would Like to Meet Î class PDF ] by Rachel Winters ï In This Charming, Feel Good Debut Novel, A Cynical Assistant At A Screenwriting Agency Must Reenact The Meet Cute Scenes From Classic Romantic Comedy Movies In Order To Help Her Client Get His Scriptwriting Mojo Back But Can A Real Life Meet Cute Be In Store For Someone Who Doesn T Believe In Happily Ever After After Seven Years As An Assistant, Year Old Evie Summers Is Ready To Finally Get The Promotion She Deserves But Now The TV And Film Agency She S Been Running Behind The Scenes Is In Trouble, And Evie Will Lose Her Job Unless She Can Convince The Agency S Biggest And Most Arrogant Client, Ezra Chester, To Finish Writing The Script For A Hollywood Romantic Comedy The Catch Ezra Is Suffering From Writer S Block And He Ll Only Put Pen To Paper If Singleton Evie Can Prove To Him That You Can Fall In Love Like They Do In The Movies With The Future Of The Agency In Jeopardy, Evie Embarks On A Mission To Meet A Man The Way Sally Met Harry Or Hugh Grant Met Julia Roberts But In The Course Of Testing Out The Meet Cute Scenes From Classic Romantic Comedies IRL, Not Only Will Evie Encounter One Humiliating Situation After Another, But She Ll Have To Confront The Romantic Past That Soured Her On Love In A Novel As Hilarious As It Is Heartwarming, Debut Author Rachel Winters Proves That Sometimes Real Life Is Better Than The Movies And That The Best Kind Of Meet Cutes Happen When You Least Expect Them Rating 2 5 Stars Title Would Like to MeetAuthor s Rachel WintersCharacter s Evelyn Evie Summers 29 years old, Red, Ezra Chester 33 years old, Blonde, Blue Eyed Ben Williams Black, Brown EyedSetting London, New EnglandTag s Romance, Contemporary Content Rating PGPOV First Person Heroine Smexy Level SubtleFavorite Quote s Evie, don t you dare back out now Go get your Hugh Grant Whatever you write, Evie, Make it mean something Overall Opinion I wanted to like this I really did but for whatever reason it just fell flat It was missing that spark to really connected me with the storyline and toward half way through the book, I found myself skimming far pages than I would ve liked too Besides Ben, Anette, and Evie friends I was not a big fan Evie or Erza for obvious reasons nor did I like how Erza story concluded I don t know, but it was just blah You know This novel had so much pot a cynical assistant at a screenwriting agency must reenact the meet cute scenes from classic romantic comedy movies in order to help her 1 client get his scriptwriting mojo back I mean This is the rom com goodness I ve been waiting for Guys I ve been dreaming of getting my hands on an ARC of this for months and IT FINALLY HAPPENED Sksksksksjs Thank you to the publishers and Edelweiss for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
5 starsCan you believe it I finally liked a romance again after what feels like a never ending post Helen Hoang search The interesting thing is it seems I liked it because 1 Would Like to Meet isn t actually a romance, it s a true romcom, so I didn t have to read the usual story with two protagonists moaning and angsting and lusting over each other for 400 pages.
2 it was written by a U.
K author who is quite funny humor is something I find seriously lacking in American books.
This romcom is pretty meta in the best possible way A screenwriter agent s assistant is forced to reenact various romcom meet cute scenarios and report back her experiences to an asshole type screenwriter with a writing block to jump start his creativit Ohmygosh so excited to read this one Thanks to the publisher for generously providing me an ARC to review.
I loved this book so much It has been awhile since I ve found myself smiling so much at a story, even laughing out loud at parts Would Like to Meet is funny, sweet, ridiculously cute, and just so much fun Full review to come.
I love both romantic comedies and smart British chick lit This is both, so it s no wonder I enjoyed it.
Evie is the long time assistant to an old boys club literary agent She years before gave up her dream of writing screenplays and now lives in hope of becoming an agent herself When her boss gives her the assignment to get a recalcitrant writer client to finish a promised romantic comedy screenplay, Evie is all in, no matter what it takes.
What it takes in this case is to prove to NOB her nickname for the writer that rom coms are realistic by setting up her own meet cutes and writing to NOB about them Needless to say, most attempts go hilariously awry While much of the story was rather predictable, Winters characters and their great interactions were so darned entertaining that I didn t care that I figured out long before Evie what was going on.
I definitely will Yet another charming romantic comedy from a new author This one was absolutely delightful sweet, but with edge Low heat level but enough angst and sexual tension to make it worth it And one of the best parts was it was unpredictable I really had no idea who Evie would end up with for the first three quarters because she had chemistry with two possible love interests And I m a sucker for a novel set in the world of movies and film agents Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for my complimentary ARC All opinions are my own.
i love this cover because the girl is obviously a cynical b tch in the best possible way Oh, this was absolutely adorable very British I am a sucker for all romcom tropes and loved having them all laid out for me including a delightfully feminist breakdown of the misogyny that can come with some of them I.
e the makeover how some meet cutes are just not that cute in execution If you were a fan of Sophie Kinsella back in the day and want something with slightly manageable second hand embarrassment this is perfect for you.

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