Trailer à Yabo PDF by ΠAlexis De Veaux

Trailer à Yabo PDF by ΠAlexis De Veaux Extraordinary.
Yabo by Alexis DeVeaux, is a densely peopled novella that is unpredictable and surprising Time is mutable as is gender classification The work of Alexis DeVeaux is full of literary serendipity and the writing here is filled with fresh turns that direct the reader s eye to new views new perspectives In YABO, Alexis DeVeaux is really rocking the form Writing newbies, take a lesson Check out the 2014 Festival of Women Writers spotlight on Alexis DeVeaux and her work at Fiction African American Studies LGBT Studies Women S Studies See Yabo Like A Mingus Composition Pentecostal, Blues Inflected, Full Of Wit And That Deep Literacy Of The Black Diaspora The Present, The Past, The Uncertain Future Collapse Upon Themselves In This Narrative Of Place S Our Dead Move With Us Behind Us, Above Us, Confronting Us In Manhattan Asheville NC Buffalo, NY Jamaica The Hold Of A Funky Slave Ship Crossing And Bending Lines Between Genders, Sexualities, Longing And Geographies Time Is A River Endlessly Coursing, Shallow In Many Places, Deep For Long Miles, And, Finally, Deadly As The Hurricane That Engulfs And Destroys The Slave Vessel, Henrietta Marie Yabo Calls Our Ghosts Back And Holds Us Accountable For Memory Cheryl Clarke I wish I could take all the stars I ve given other books on Goodreads and give them to this one.
Wow Yabo crawled into my skin and stuck to all my ribs I m fairly certain I ll never shake it This is a book that alters you The narrative wove in and out of many stories and time periods, stripping my mind down and demanding attention until a huge story was told in the span of two hours Potent Will read again and highly recommend.
So, I love what this was trying to do thematically I m not sure if it succeeded at it though with me There was a lot of sex, which isn t itself a problem but I had difficulty keeping the characters straight because they were all having so much sex Interesting countercultural sex in some cases but it was a problem for me Part of me thinks that since the timeline blending was deliberate that the effect might have been intentional but it came across less linked and liminal than fuzzy and homogenized.
the other trigger for me is view spoiler there s a plotline about a professor sleeping with the student she is advising And yes I know she s of age, depiction not endorsement, etc I m a woman in love with a woman older than me myself, I m no prude But teacher student is a hard hard no for me an poetic astonishing densely packed I immediately felt like I needed a re read upon finishing this book sweet queer terrifying, shifting time space characters in ways that would be infuriating from a different writer but it works perfectly here.

This book was just amazing I opening my eyes to a different style of writing and so many other things.
read for my new book club In gorgeous prose, de Veaux maps intersex and nonbinary gender onto alongside the simultaneity of time Both neither simultaneously Structural similarities to Nalo Hopskinson s The Salt Roads, with three main overlapping settings and storylines weaving together characters in Jamaica, North Carolina, New York many slippages here, all kinds of fluidity gender, time, genre, subjectivity , hella queerness Also engages poignantly and critically with the history of slavery in New York Huge huge world in 160 pages.
This book reminded me in some ways of Ntozake Shange s Sassafrass, Cypress Indigo but in certain themes but also very different It also felt of a short story collection I also really enjoyed one of the biggest themes in the book which is that the past present and future are all converging and living in the now and how our past meets with our present selves and what that means I also really enjoyed the aspect of what it means to raise a child without gender roles and defining them with an assigned gender and what that means when the majority of society is going to be in opposition with you.
So many wonderful things going on and being brought to discussion in this book that i m excited to think about

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