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[Colleen Oakley] å You Were There Too [christian-contemporary-fiction PDF] Read Online ¼ Acclaimed Author Colleen Oakley Delivers A Heart Wrenching And Unforgettable Love Story About A Woman Who Must Choose Between The Man She Loves And The Man Fate Has Chosen For Her In A Novel That Reminds Us That The Best Life Is One Led By The HeartMia Graydon S Life Looks Picket Fence Perfect She Has The House, Her Loving Husband, And Dreams Of Starting A Family But She Has Other Dreams Too Unexplained, Recurring Ones Starring The Same Man Still, She Doesn T Think Much Of Them, Until A Relocation To Small Town Pennsylvania Brings Her Face To Face With The Stranger She Has Been Dreaming About For Years And This Man Harbors A Jaw Dropping Secret Of His Own He S Been Dreaming Of Her Too Determined To Understand, Mia And This Not So Stranger Search For Answers But When Diving Into Their Pasts Begins To Unravel Her Life In The Present, Mia Emerges With A Single Question What If Though the majority of the books that I read and review fall into the suspense mystery thriller category, I read any book that has a premise which intrigues meThis was one of those.
Mia loves her husband Harrison.
But, she has recurring dreams of another manone that she has never met.
Until, one day, when she comes face to face with the stranger in her dreams and discovers that his name is Oliver, and he has been dreaming about her too.
How can this be What can this mean Why have they finally met This book is a reflection on marriage, grief and fate It might make you cry.
It will probably tick you off.
But, as with ALL of Colleen Oakley s work.
it will make you feel something And, isn t that why we read I have loved all of her work if you haven t re You Were There Too explores love, commitment connections, chances, fate and what ifs It s a beautiful love story, and the I think about it in ways than one Our main characters here married couple Mia and Harrison experience challenges due to the heartache they experience as a couple Each of them also has their conflicts within themselves Mia has a secret and she literally meets the man of her dreams who is not Harrison The man from her dreams has been dreaming of her too The story takes an interesting and unique turn as they take on a journey to research their dream connection.
This is a story that I felt different about after I finished it then as I was reading it It s heart wrenching and shocking sad and at first, it was not the way I wanted it to go, but the I think about it, I see how well it all together in the end I Evocative, distressing, absolutely heart wrenching You Were There Too by COLLEEN OAKLEY is a moving, intense, emotional, and an original love story that was quite the emotive and beautiful book to read I was immediately intrigued and sucked into the narrative and absolutely loved the mysterious dream aspect to the storyline which had a slight supernatural vibe to it The tale is original and fresh Something that I have definitely never read before I was totally invested and all in the first half of the story and then the spark fizzled out for me a little bit and never really caught again There was this niggling that I had with one aspect of the storyline that never really sat well with me, ultimately affectin 4.
5 stars rounded up In real life, I don t believe in psychics or premonitions or give much weight to dreams, but the joy of a well written novel is that I can suspend disbelief and see where the story takes me.
I wasn t particularly interested in the storyline about Mia wanting a baby and her grief over having several miscarriages because I feel like I ve read that many times before What makes this story interesting is that Mia keeps having these dreams about a man she s never met, until she does meet him in the small town that she and her husband Harrison have moved to When she meets Oliver in real life, she learns that he has also been having dreams about her I liked that I couldn t predict the end Thanks to NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book, which RELEASES JANUARY 20, 2020.
3 stars.
An emotional start that slowly fizzled out.
This book wasn t what I expected The writing was good, the characters were vivid, but the storyline was lacking I enjoyed the novel, but didn t love or truly connect with it What started off strong and promising, became slow and lacklustre I read and loved this author, Colleen Oakley s, book Close Enough To Touch Perhaps my expectations were set too high after loving that one so much I really enjoyed this book up to the 50% mark and then things went downhill One of my main issues was the many times the main character put herself in vulnerable situations After the halfway mark, I couldn t feel for her and quite honestly, I grew frustrated and slightly annoyed with her This was a Traveling Sister read with Norma and we felt similar Brenda read this earlier than us an You Were There Too was a wonderful, heartbreaking book It was one that I couldn t wait to get back to, while at the same time dreading that it will end I knew going in, with that premise, how could it not be a tearjearker And it was, for sure, though surprisingly in a different way than I expected The characters are genuine and flawed, and I cared deeply about them This is a gripping story about love and fate, dreams and their meanings, and about what is and what could have been Unique and thought provokingtissues a must Disclosure I received a copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
I love Colleen Oakley s books, and I have been awaiting this new release You Were There Too did not disappoint.
Mia Graydon appears to have it all with a loving husband and the plans of starting a family together The problem is she keeps having dreams of the same man, a man who is not her husband A man she doesn t know.
When she moves to Pennsylvania, she runs into this stranger, only to find out he s been dreaming of her, too Digging into their pasts, Mia is determined to find out what is happening and why.
What a beautiful, tender, original love story I m sure many of us have wondered what if for many of the decisions we have made in life One right turn here, a visit to the local coffee shop there, and lives can turn out completely differently perhaps for the better, perhaps not I have to stop there This is a book that must unf This book hit me in the feels and then kicked me in the gut hard Colleen Oakley, WOW What an emotional ride you took me on with your evocative storytelling A beautiful story about marriage, grief, and fate Have you ever had a dream and wondered what it meant What if you dreamed about the same person over and over and over again And then you met that person Would you think that it was faded Mia is happily married to Harrison After the couple relocates to a small town in Pennsylvania she meets a man named Oliver Oliver is no stranger to Mia, because he has been making an appearance in her dreams for years When Oliver reveals to Mia that he has been dreaming of her as well she is convinced there is a profound reason for this What follows is an intense story full of what ifs and hard choices I was so invested in this story and i Not the way I wanted this one to go this ending killed me The story left me with definite mixed feelings to a degree It s even somewhat of a difficult story to explain other than it has to do with dreams.
Have you ever dreamt of a person or situation and then it came true Or maybe you had a d j vu experience before That s usually from a dream that you probably didn t remember.
This book is about dreams where two people who are random strangers, it appears, meet and discover many interesting things about themselves One is married and the other is single But there s definitely a connection that both of them feel.
I was afraid of those feelings as I read this book About a third of the way in I already knew the story was not going to end the way I want it to.
You see I absolutely loved Harrison and Mia together They have a deep bond A beautiful relationship

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